Copiers and Printers: What Is a Portable Printer?

We often run into a situation where we are in desperate need of a document to be printed. Our options are usually to pack up our computers and head off to the nearest print shop or to go back home to retrieve our document from cyberspace. One of the best inventions for people on the move is a portable printer.

What is a portable printer?

Compared to the regular hardware found in an office, this piece of equipment is a compact machine that can be packed in the back of a backpack. It allows you to print wherever you are, especially if you are travelling.

Most of the portable printers use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or any other wireless connection. This means that you can use the device to print from multiple computers or tablets.

One of the best qualities of the portable printer is that the battery takes a long time to run out. The battery is composed of lithium ion that can also connect to your car through an adapter. Many models also come with a solar power bank which benefits the person who is always on the run or always outside.

You can print in either colour or monochrome. If you intend on using a lot of colour, you will mostly likely require a model that uses inkjet software. Inkjet is perfect for quick printing with perfect quality.

Some of the portable printers are mainly for photographers who have to print on the go. Of course, it is not ideal for big formats because it is a small unit that is designed to be carried in a small bag. Portable photograph printers usually use a CMYK colour scheme and prints each colour separately.

The portable printer is also compatible with scanning and copy abilities. This makes business travelling easier. Students can also benefit with having their own portable printer. It will cost less in the long run because it will save you the constant trips to the nearest library to get a single page printed.

These printers can hold fifty pages in the input tray and can print up to twenty pages per minute; depending on whether you are printing in colour or monochromatic inks.

Copiers and printers are important devices when it comes to any business. The idea for this nifty and useful device is so that a freelancer or business traveller can always access some form of printer in case important documents need to be signed.

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